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The easiest party drinks

door Linda Terrizzi

Cocktails always do well at parties. The glass alone often looks festive. It can be a lot of hassle to assemble all kinds of complicated cocktails, but there are also plenty of delicious cocktails that you can serve in an instant. And always smart to do: look at it before your party wine offers. (They are also not a major attack on the wallet!)

In this article we give you ideas for 6 tasty party drinks. These are all easy to make, yet definitely steal the show. The recipes are for one glass each. Do you want to serve more glasses? Then you can easily double the recipes.

1. Mimosa

A Mimosa is not only for parties and celebrations, this orange colored cocktail is certainly not out of place with the Easter brunch. You can make a Mimosa easily and quickly with three ingredients, namely sparkling wine, orange juice and Cointreau. As a sparkling wine you can grab Cava or Prosecco, although it should actually be with Champagne. Pour two equal parts of the wine and juice into a glass and add a small dash of Cointreau.

2. Blue Caribbean

Put 50 ml of white rum together with 30 ml of Blue Curaçao and a cup of pineapple juice in a mixing bowl and shake these ingredients well. Pour the cocktail into a tall glass and serve the cocktail with a few ice cubes. Finish the glass with an orange slice, so that it looks extra festive!

3. Hugo

It has been a few years since the Hugo cocktail made its appearance in the Netherlands and it is still a nice drink at a party. To make this cocktail you will need sprigs of mint, a slice of lime, sparkling water (about 30 ml), elderflower syrup (about 30 ml) and Prosecco (130 ml). First pour the elderflower syrup into a tall glass, then add the Prosecco and the water. Then add the mint and a slice of lime and fill the glass with ice cubes.

4. Prosecco Plus

With Prosecco you can go in many directions. Buy fruit pieces such as strawberries, black currants or raspberries. Fill the glass with Prosecco and drop two or three pieces of fruit in it. So it is very festive in the glass. Another way to pimp your Prosecco is to stir a small dash of Limoncello through it.

Virgin Afterglow

In this list of party drinks, there is still one drink without alcohol. Because there are always guests who are not allowed to drink alcohol because of their age, religion or health. This 'virgin afterglow' is just as festive as the other cocktails, but completely alcohol-free!

Fill a highball glass one-quarter full with ice cubes. Then pour 100 ml of orange juice and pineapple juice on it and stir well. Now you can pour 25 ml of grenadine syrup on top of the drink. It is important that you do not stir after this. This way the 'afterglow' keeps its beautiful, overflowing color. Finish the glass with a cocktail cherry and a slice of orange. This drink is of course the best when it is drunk through a straw.

6. Scroppino

Scoppino is one Italian wine cocktail. It is not only fun as a party cocktail, this drink also fits well as an intermediate dish or for dessert after dinner. Here too you only need three ingredients: vodka, prosecco and lemon sorbet. Just make sure to take real lemon sorbet and not ice cream. It is always a bit of trying in which composition you like the Scroppino yourself. If you take about 150 ml lemon sorbet, add about 60 ml Prosecco and 15 ml vodka. Mix it with a whisk or in the blender and your cocktail is ready.

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The easiest party drinks
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