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Antillean snacks for a party

door Linda Terrizzi

Although our cuisine is not yet very well known, we clearly notice that our Antillean snacks are taking the lead. When people get acquainted with our delicacies, it is often at a party. And of course the tastiest snacks are served there. Think about the Curaçaose cheese balls or pastechi (pastries with meat, fish or cheese). Also a nice one Johnny Cake is usually to everyone's taste.

Flags from Flagsclub.nl

Something I used to hate was that there were no cocktail sticks available with our flag. Everywhere I saw those cozy sticks in red-white-blue and at the Zweede Meubelgigant you also had them in blue and yellow. In the meatballs, you know. But from Curaçao I couldn't find any pins until recently.

How happy do you think I was when I found them online at flagclub.nl? They don't just make cocktail sticks there, but flags in all shapes and sizes. Big flags, small flags, car flags, waving flags, pennants and also that mini variant I was looking for: cocktail sticks. In short, all types of flags in many designs, and therefore also the flag of Curaçao!

I recently received a package from them containing my 'beloved' cocktail sticks, some waving flags and a table flag. Just too nice! And to let my heritage of the art academy speak for a moment: The dark blue of our flag (but of course also the blue of Aruba) colors so nicely with all those yellow-orange fried Antillean snacks. A nice contrast on the table!


Cocktail sticks from all countries

I understood from the employee that they are also busy making the flags of Aruba, Bonaire and to include 'the Antilles' in the range. For my next party (if the weather is allowed…) I'm going to order it again soon. I always think it looks so cozy when snacks at a party are provided with sticks with a flag.

What I had already come across on the website were the cocktail sticks in rainbow colors and with the flag of Suriname, Italy, the USA (nice for an American party!), Turkey and Morocco.

Tip from Flip: organize a multicultural party and put a flag of the country of origin in all snacks. That looks so cool!


These 5 Antillean snacks are a must

Are you going to get started with the Antillean snacks yourself? For example for a Caribbean party or a birthday? Then these 'classics' should not be missing from your list. By clicking on the name you get to the recipe, but of course you already knew that!

  1. Pastechi – Small, deep-fried patties filled with a filling of minced meat, cheese, tuna, chicken or cod. Or a mix of course! To indicate the difference in filling, most people put a dot with food coloring on the unbaked pie. Red for ground beef, yellow for cheese, blue for chicken, etc.
  2. cheese balls – Made quickly and they are a favorite of almost everyone. Think of them as an 'upgrade' of the Dutch cheese cubes. Because these balls are fried, the cheese is melted and therefore extra tasty. In addition to 'normal' cheese balls, you can also make them with the addition of ham or bacon cubes, paprika or hot pepper.
  3. pika balls – These are small meatballs in a spicy sauce. The balls are first baked and then stewed in a sauce based on tomato, paprika and hot pepper. Do children eat with it? Then you can of course use less pepper. The balls are always served with some of the sauce. And then such a cocktail stick is a must of course!
  4. Johnny Cake – At a party we always make these fried sandwiches in a mini version. The soda dough buns are deep fried and then cut open. After cutting, you can fill them with cheese or, for example, tuna salad.
  5. Soseshi den mansa – Sausages in dough – an absolute favorite of the kids! You can bake these sausage rolls in the oven or fry them. At a party, the latter is usually chosen, because the deep fryer is already switched on for the other snacks. You make them with a jacket of soft bread dough that is slightly sweet. So good!

Pancakes with tuna

What you also see in the photo are rolled pancakes with tuna. You can make the crepes in the same way as Dutch pancakes. Sometimes 'we' prefer to put more eggs in the batter, making it a cross between a crepe and an omelette. I personally like the regular crepes better (because less egg taste and lighter!)

The pancakes are filled with tuna salad. Then they are rolled up and cut into rolls of about 3 centimeters. A skewer to secure them in place and then some grated cheese on top. So good!

What are you serving at your next party?

It's still a dream these days, but the moment will come when we can plan a party or birthday again! We are curious which Antillean snacks you will serve? Will you let us know on social media? We are curious about your menu!

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