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Antillean dishes on the Kamado barbecue

door Linda Terrizzi

In recent years, a true barbecue culture has emerged in the Netherlands. And I don't mean the barbecue as we know it from 'the camping'. Inspired by the Americans, not only sausages and burgers have been on the thing for a long time. Nowadays we want to be able to prepare meat, vegetables and pizzas on it, and then also want to keep control of the temperature, to guarantee perfect cooking.

The kamado barbecue

The star in that area is the kamado barbecue. Actually it is a bit unworthy to call a kamado a 'barbecue'. The device can do so much more than just grill. Because of its shape (from above you can close the kamado with a half dome) it is more like a luxury wood oven than a barbecue. And that is exactly what makes it so special.

On a kamado (of any brand) you can, in addition to grilling, also prepare excellent dishes using slow cooking - so slow cooking. The perfect pulled pork that hours of slow cooking is a good example of this. This dish is delicious when you prepare it on the stove, but made on a kamado you get an extra nice smoky flavor.

Such a device is of course also ideal for large pieces of meat. You can read and control the temperature from the outside so that you can easily prepare the meat crispy on the outside and rosé on the inside. The risk of a normal barbecue (where meat is sometimes burned on the outside, while the inside remains raw) is immediately eliminated.

Big Green Egg

De Big Green Egg is pretty much the Rolls Royce of kamado barbecues. The device is made from a special type of ceramic, using (yes, seriously!) Technologies designed by NASA. I'll tell you right away: it comes with a hefty price tag, but the reviews about the device are extremely favorable. The Big Green Egg comes in different designs and sizes, so there is still a lot to choose from if you decide to purchase one.

the fire station kamado express big green egg

Kamado workshops at The Fire Station

With The Fire Station they know everything about the Big Green Egg and other kamado barbecues. This store is also an experience center and the employees can, for example, explain the differences between the different brands of Kamado's. You can find them online as Kamado Expressbut it is definitely worth a visit! They have a wide collection of kamados and also all kinds of accessories, sauces and books.

There are also regular workshops that vary from kamado basics (for those who have yet to master the operation of the device) up to four hours pitmaster pro. Quite a desirable title… And the best thing? The physical store is located in an old fire station! So where people were first engaged in putting out fires, fires are now being lit on a regular basis. ;)

Antillean dishes on the kamado

Which Antillean dishes are really suitable for preparing on the kamado barbecue? We have listed some of them for you:

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